October 9

A secret memorial for civilian casualties by Matt Kenyon

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Matt´s Ted talk

In the fog of war, civilian casualties often go uncounted. Artist Matt Kenyon, whose recent work memorialized the names and stories of US soldiers killed in the Iraq war, decided he should create a companion monument, to the Iraqi civilians caught in the war’s crossfire. Learn how he built a secret monument to place these names in the official record.

There is a TED talk is about how a simple notepad can be such as a monument in itself. This is a quote of an activist and punk rock musician called Jello Biafra:

Don’t heat the media, be the media

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December 17

Christmas greeting cards contest 2014 eoi Mostoles

Yesterday, I had been announced that my last designs that I show you below that lines had won the first prize at Escuela de Idiomas de Mostoles. There were hanging at the main hall of the school, and tomorrow we are going to celebrate at the end of classes to start our Christmas seasons

I used in my card a sentence about Positive thinking a well knowned sentence of Norman Vincent Peak that said:
“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful” that seems to be a good mood in our behaviour.

Winner Christmas greeting at eoi
Winner Christmas greeting at eoi

Another Greeting card

Vocabulary Christmas season:

  • a mistletoe
  • holly
  • sugar-coated almonds
  • mantelpie
  • poinsettia
  • a stocking
  • tinsel
  • a Christmas wreath
  • crackers
  • manger, the hole scenes, John, Virgin and boy without the mule and the ox
  • pantomime a British type of teather in which actors are amateurs. They take a story fairy tale traditional story turn into Politics

we were speaking about Art and http://thomaskinkade.com listening where his work was considerable as a priceless work of Art, people are comparing him with Picasso, Rembrant, Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, all of them combined, One of the most collected american painter.