October 9

TIME INTERVIEWS by Toni Morrison

The woman who earned both the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes talks to TIME about writing and why she’s endorsing Obama for president.

Red words are supposed to be gaps, I’m not completely sure if they are right. Check them with a tape-script.

  1. How did you first discovered your passion for writing?
  2. I realized there was a book that I wanted very much to read that really have a pain written and so I sort of a played around with it and trying to construct the kind of book I wanted to read.
  3. Nobody had taken a little black girl seriously and literature ever before. 45″
  4. In my opinion Song Of  Solomon should be required reading for all African and American boys. How are you able to accurately , illustrated the internal thoughts and feelings of young black men?
  5. That was a leap for me.
  6. I wrote some junk and then I could’t put it and I putting it off precisely for that reason.
  7. You know his version of breath was spectacular, I was always the smartest, always fun. 1:35″
  8. So I was mourning a great deal and then I remember saying to myself I wonder would my father’s view about these men. 1:50″
  9. But having that kind of relationship with my father gave me authenticity and legitimacy
  10. Do you think that young black females are still dealing with the same self – acceptances issues as your character?
  11. They seems to me to be excessively confidence in themselves, oh God , yes.
  12. Almost a feeling of superiority in some ways, that I recognized that they take for granted.
  13. Now you decided for the first time to endorse a candidate first time and you endorsed obviously Barack Obama. 3:20
  14. I’ve looked at a lots of rulers here and abroad , he has wisdom and you can’t learn that
  15. I’ve seen children when you know they’re wise and that to me was the unique rare thing.
  16. They ask why you’ve endorsed him when you’ve consistently written about women of strength and courage.
  17. I know some of the worst leaders in the world are woman I need more than that. So her gender was of no interest to me and his race wasn´t.
  18. I mean , I just can’t deal with this little divisions.
  19. Of the two choices, neither his race his gender her race or her gender were enough, that´s all they got, that’s not  I need something else.
  20. You are my favorite author, I’ve read every books you’ve had written when we get a chance to read another one of your books?


  • a leap of faith – un acto de fe
  • to mourn – estar de duelo
  • to take for granted – dar por supuesto
  • to rule = to govern
  • strong / strength    long / length     wise / width     broad / breadth
  • a junkyard = chatarrería
  • debris= escombros
  • a junkie drugs dealer
  • accurate = preciso

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